Our Approach

MSD Capital was founded in 1998 to exclusively manage the investments of Michael Dell and his family.†Since its inception, the firm has grown and its investment scope has expanded, but one of the distinguishing elements has been a constant: its permanent capital base. This permanent capital base is fundamental to the firmís culture and strategy, and differentiates MSD Capital in how it operates and invests.†Our short-term performance, while important, is not given priority over our long-term goals and perspective.†This long-term investment horizon ultimately affords MSD Capital the opportunity to participate in unique transactions with great structural flexibility.

All of the members of the MSD Capital team understand that the firmís primary asset is its reputation, and any actions that we take with respect to our capital or business partners must be heavily influenced by its potential effect on our reputation. We strive to conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and honesty, and we believe that investing our reputation is as important as investing our capital.† We are forthright with those with whom we partner in investments and expect the same in return.† In working with prospective partners, we seek to establish a mutual understanding of and respect for our approach to investing.

In addition, although we operate in a performance-oriented and often intense environment, we understand that there are other important things in life, including giving back.†Michael and Susan Dell, through their private family foundation, are dedicated to transforming the lives of children living in urban poverty through better health and education.† For more information about the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, please visit www.msdf.org.